Two great drivers . . . a great team . . . a new formula!   Things will get REAL interesting, however, when Alonso radios the team to tell Kimi to move over because Fernando says he is faster!   I believe that Kimi’s response will be, “Well, tell him to race me for it!”   or “Tell him to leave me alone, I know what I am doing!”

     The wheels are going to come off this arrangement; it’s just a matter of time.   The likely result may be red carbon fiber scattered all over the race track, some of it from both cars.   Kimi is a gentleman driver, but I don’t think he is going to put up with a lot of Spanish ego.   This will get ugly!

     The big question is what action will be taken by the team, if any?   Will they sit both of these drivers down and tell them like school children that they must play nice?   Will they tell them they will just have to take turns trying to catch the Red Bulls or the McLarens?   Will they tell both of them that if they continue to act up, they will take away their allowances?  I mean, Lotus already owes Kimi for all of 2013.   I don’t think that such a threat is really going to affect him.   And Fernando, he’s already made enough money to run Monaco next year.

     Give it about three races bedfore it really comes to a point.   And then, it’ll be Katie bar the door!   Fernando will have mushroom clouds coming out of both ears and Kimi will have that icy look of Death on his face when he speaks about Fernando.

     It ought to be an interesting season at Ferrari!